Interstate Towing Services For Your Motorhomes And Travel Trailers

November 5, 2021 0 Comments

interstate towing

For decades it was Interstate Towing that came to the rescue whenever it came to saving motorists from sudden crisis situations. The business last year celebrated its 20th consecutive year of towing out-of-state vehicles, big and small, from all over the Midwest to celebrate the company’s newest garage in the region. With its long-standing reputation as the go-to towing company in the region, more people are now calling upon the services of the IHT service. There are many good reasons why you should also avail of the great services offered by IHT when traveling on I-tracks or any other interstates in and around southern Wisconsin and southern Indiana.

How to Choose Interstate Towing Services For Your Motorhomes And Travel Trailers

The great thing about using an IHT service is that it helps in weight distribution hitch coordination as well. Many drivers using interstates to travel have difficulty in securing their trailers to properly fit their automobiles; a hitch is a necessary component for securing your trailer to the back of your vehicle for safe travel. You can now call a toll free hotline number for any of your concerns regarding IHT towing in northern Wisconsin. Toll free numbers for towing are easily accessible via the Internet or by contacting your local public safety office.

In addition to helping you with weight distribution hitch coordination along with helping you secure your trailer, IHT now offers nationwide coverage on its live customer support line. During your interstate towing crisis situation, simply call IHT to receive an operator that will help you through every step of the way. The toll free number is manned by knowledgeable professional who can offer you a variety of answers to your questions as well as refer you to other local IHT companies if in case they are unable to solve your problem.

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