Lasik Eye Surgery Nashville

November 26, 2021 0 Comments

The first step in LASIK eye surgery in Nashville tn creating a thin flap on the surface of the eye. The surgeon uses an automated instrument to apply the laser to the cornea. The blade is pulled back from the cornea and stops at a predetermined point. Next, the patient is positioned directly under the LASIK device. Dr. Shofner will use a lid speculum to hold the flap in place. This allows the doctor to apply the LASIK laser to the stroma of the cornea. The procedure is painless and the majority of patients will have 20/40 vision on their first day.

Why Need Lasik Eye Surgery Nashville

To ensure quality of care, Lasik surgeons will utilize the latest technology and techniques. The laser is implanted to reshape the cornea. The surgeon uses software to map the cornea using the patient’s prescription. The surgeon then applies the LASIK laser to the cornea. The reshaped cornea is smoothed and corrected, and the flap heals naturally. After surgery, the patient’s eye should heal without problems.

LASIK Nashville is performed under a microscope under sterile conditions. The patient is reclining under the laser and is prevented from blinking during the procedure. The suction ring may feel like a finger is pressing on the eyelid, but it will not cause any pain or discomfort. The procedure will last a few minutes and requires no anesthesia. The surgeon will make sure that the eye is properly prepared for the laser.

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