Pop Up Display Booths for Exhibition and Special Events

August 5, 2021 0 Comments

A curved pop up display is used more frequently at exhibitions and special events to showcase your advertising and art work. Does a full display package work for you? Curved pop up screens curve slightly inward – they are most commonly used in exhibitions and special events to showcase your personalised art and messages. Does a complete display package work for you?

pop up display


All pop up display booths have full package options to select from. Full package packages include the normal frame, central collection of images and additional extras to help enhance your display. The most common images are going to be the same throughout your exhibition – but what if you want a unique image here or there? You can always add a particular image later on. There are also some pop up display booths that include a built-in podium – which can be great if you want to use this space for a speech and a Q&A afterwards.

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It’s important to look at your exhibition stand rental agreement carefully before you commit to a pop up display at an expo display or fair. Remember, that all venues have varying hours of operation and opening times and if it’s after midnight you might not be able to use the booth until morning. Other pop up display booths might be open to the public after the fair ends and that’s fine too – but bear in mind that these booths are popular and therefore command a higher price. Finally, make sure you sign a contract (and read it carefully) with the venue to ensure you won’t be unhappy if they don’t use it or you get stuck with damaged or broken equipment.

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